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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade & Retrofit Your Aging Server

#1 Prevent unplanned application downtime. 

Did you know that unplanned outages result in 10x the cost of scheduled downtime? If you are leveraging clusters, it's just a matter of time when unplanned downtime will happen. 

#2 Expect to double your platform's lifespan.

ftServers have (on average) an 8+ life span, some companies have keep their Stratus Server in operation for over 20 years!

#3 Minimize (or eliminate) repair time with built-in predictive maintenance.

Save time and effort with self-monitoring hardware, automated parts replacement, and customer replaceable substations.

#4 Consolidate multiple servers (clusters) onto a single, secure virtualization platform.

Clusters are expensive, highly complex, difficult to maintain and do not offer complete availability and outage protection.

#5 Embrace a lower total cost of ownership.

Save up to 40% when you factor in acquisition, a single software license, deployment, management, and unplanned downtime. 


How much time and money will unplanned downtime cost you?

If your servers are more than 4 years old, let's face it -the probability of unplanned downtime greatly increases with "off the shelf" servers. When it fails, you could be riddled with problems such as unplanned downtime, loss of productivity, and exuberant aging technology costs. Often, server pairs are recommended to prevent this, but how much time and work goes into maintaining two servers with duplicate software?

It may be time to update or retrofit your server infrastructure and virtualization with the ftServer, designed for hardware-based redundancy, and eliminate the need to maintain more than one server.

How do you know if consolidating to one server is ideal for your aging hardware?

Talk to an expert. 

We have asked Eric Eckman, with Stratus Technologies, to assess if a one server solution is suitable for your critical applications via a 30 minute webex meetings. 

Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule a convenient time and assess your server needs.