Do you experience these Ethernet Switch Deployment challenges?

cost-issue.pngCost Issue - For applications that require only basic monitoring and control functions, it’s not economical for engineers to choose expensive managed switches, which often support too many unneeded functions.

space-limit.pngSpace Limitations - Engineers work with different types of control cabinets, and each one has space or installation limitations. 


complext-setup.pngComplex Configuration - IT-oriented user interfaces, which are often very complicated and come with a steep learning curve for IA engineers, make it harder to update configurations and handle basic troubleshooting tasks.

  Moxa’s super-slim SDS-3008 smart switch is designed to meet these challenges. With its simplified protocol configuration, flexible mounting design, easy-to-use interface, and slim form factor, it is the perfect fit for control cabinets in any smart manufacturing application.

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